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RPM 80604  Rear Upper & Lower A-Arms, Green

RPM 80604 Rear Upper & Lower A-Arms, Green


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Similar to RPM front A-arms (#80692 & #80695), our rear arms eliminate nearly all of the A-arm slop typically found in stock Mini E-Revo rear A-arms, allowing camber and toe angle settings to be more solidly fixed in position. The result: A smoother, more consistent suspension system with a significantly reduced tendency for the truck to randomly wander while driving. RPM rear suspension arms match the same design elements as our fronts using angled leading and trailing edges. By incorporating a 30-degree bevel in these areas, we reduce the chance of breaking suspension parts since the A-arms will naturally try to transition over objects instead of bluntly plowing into them. RPM Mini E-Revo rear A-arms are sold in sets of four – both upper and both lower A-arms. What's best? These miniature E-Revo A-arms, like all RPM molded products, are backed by our industry-leading breakage warranty. If it breaks (under normal operating conditions), send it in and we'll replace it!