TAMIYA 18709 JR Baron Viento - FM-A Chassis - RUI YONG HOBBY

TAMIYA 18709 JR Baron Viento - FM-A Chassis


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【Custom / classic car body wraps eyes! 】 It is a plastic model assembly kit of high performance racer adopting shaft drive four wheel drive. Baron Vient is a charm of a classic car form such as a long hood and a standing front grille, and before and after fenders showing an elegant line. Moreover, you can not overlook the custom made finish with the modification called "chopped roof" which lowered the height of the roof (roof) and lowered the car height. Body is light green ABS resin. In the real car, the top of the fabric made of cloth expresses texture by changing body and surface treatment. The front grill of another part prepares a metal style sticker and the three-dimensional feeling is also sufficient. 【Adopt FM - A chassis of front motor layout】 Chassis adopted FM - A of front motor layout incorporating aero design. Since the center of gravity is more than the front of the car body, it is possible to run with a sense of stability even on a course with many ups and downs. Starting with standard low skid bar made of low friction resin on the front lower part, 4 rollers made of low friction resin. Especially the rear roller has made it 8 mm thick type which increased stability. In addition, the motor can be easily replaced from the bottom of the chassis, and the setting change is also fast. Various parts are attached to the aero side stay made with the hint of the sectional shape of the wing of the airplane. In addition, the white color wheel is a retro dish design that looks good on classic cars. I also set a sticker for a metallic tone wheel. 3.5: 1 with super fast gear. 【Basic Specification】 ● Total length of 156 mm at completion, total width of 97 mm, total height of 48 mm ● With motor ● Insertion required no adhesive required [Separately requested items] ● 2 AA batteries