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Godhand GH-LDP-140-F Le-Dio Pliers - RUI YONG HOBBY

Godhand GH-LDP-140-F Le-Dio Pliers


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Godhand GH-LDP-140-F Le-Dio Pliers

Brand new pliers which combine Flat Nose Pliers for holding firmly and NeedleNose Pliers for holding easily.
Tapered straight blades let you handle intuitively.
Hold firmly as flat nose pliers and use in various occasion as needle-nose pliers.
Thanks to twill line on the holding part, object is hard to be slipped and stamped
holding mark.
Even you hold object a bit roughly, it can hold it firmly, so can use in many
▼Open/close lock function with leaf spring
Can store and use quickly as you want to.
Length: 150mm
Weight: 65g