BANDAI218506  00 XN Raiser "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V"

BANDAI218506 00 XN Raiser "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V"

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GN-0000+GNR-010/XN 00 XN Raiser (aka 00 XN Raiser, pronounced Double-Oh Sun Raiser), is the combination of the GN-0000 00 Gundam and the GNR-010/XN XN Raiser. It appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam 00V side story.

Technology & Combat Characteristics
00 XN Raiser carries a pair of GN Buster Sword IIIs that can combine into one large sword. The additional pair of manipulator arms on the XN Raiser allows the 00 XN Raiser to carry more weapons, as well as grant it another pair of arms for combat use. XN Raiser's binders do not dock into the 00 Gundam's twin GN Drives; instead, they fold up when the XN Raiser is docked onto the 00 Gundam. The entire system docks onto the 00 Gundam's back as a weapons backpack.