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February promotion is here.

You will receive a 5% cash-back from your order. For example, you order $100 worth items, so you will get $5 cash-back, much better than bank right?

How will you get cash-back?
When you received the order, send your order confirmation( you will get it through your email when you finished the order, just screenshot the detail) to us and provide us with your Paypal email, so we will send it through Paypal, that's it. Easy right?

What will in the promotion:
Everything on our website. If the item you want that we were out of stock, you can send an email to us to inquire, we will need 20% for the down payment and will not be able to refund if you wish us to backorder.
This promotion will end the Fed. 29, we will select one lucky customer to give a reward(reward will release later).

* This promotion only working on our website, eBay or other platforms will not count.
* Use the same email as your order's email to provide your order confirmation
* The minimum order for this promotion is $15.
* We only use Paypal to transfer your cash-back credit
* Not including shipping and tax
If you have any question about this promoting, send email to support@ruiyonghobby.com