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Bandai 163118 163118 1/144 #110 G Gundam - RUI YONG HOBBY

Bandai 163118 163118 1/144 #110 G Gundam


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This is Bandai163118 163118 1/144 #110 G Gundam
The GF13-017NJII God Gundam (aka G Gundam, Burning Gundam in the English dub) is the titular Mobile Fighter of Mobile Fighter G Gundam. It was the second Mobile Fighter used by Neo Japan in the 13th Gundam Fight, and is piloted by Domon Kasshu.
Technology & Combat Characteristics
Like any lead Mobile Suit, the God Gundam is equipped with a well balanced arsenal. For long distance combat, God Gundam possesses four head mounted vulcans along with two tri-barreled machine cannons in its shoulders. In close range combat, God Gundam can draw its two beam swords (one stored in a recharge rack on each hip) or deployed a pair of short range spurs on its forearms called the God Slashers (the latter was only used once during the entire series to gouge out the eyes of Neo Italy's Neros Gundam). The Gundam was also capable of numerous special attacks, some of which were improvised on a moment's notice by pilot Domon Kasshu. The main technique was Bakunetsu God Finger, an upgraded version of Shining Gundam's Shining Finger. God Finger's power was so great; it allowed God Gundam to plunge its hand into an enemy mobile suit and subsequently discharge its power in a secondary technique called "Heat End" that exploded its opponent. Other techniques included the Bakunetsu God Slash (which Domon channeled the power of his Gundam into a single sword strike), Bunshin Sappou God Shadow (which created an illusion of multiple God Gundams), God Slash Typhoon (a spinning variation of Bakunetsu God Slash) and God Field Dash (which Domon used the ring of fire generated on God Gundam's back during super mode to propel him forward). The most powerful of God Gundam's attacks however was Sekiha Tenkyoken, which created an explosive ball of energy that obliterated everything in its path. Domon learned the technique from Master Asia when they were trapped by a Gundam Head during the finals. It was the only technique that the Master Asia had not taught Domon during his initial training. During the final battle with Master Asia, Domon created an alternate version called Sekiha Tenkyo God Finger which is the Sekiha Tenkyoken combined with God Finger that allows Domon to project a gigantic hand of energy that seized and crushed Master Asia's Master Gundam in its grip. Another alternate version was created during the climactic fight with the Devil Gundam when Domon combined his power with Rain's to create the Sekiha Love-Love Tenkyoken.
Hyper Mode
Even under normal conditions, the God Gundam is as powerful as the Shining Gundam's Super Mode, but this new mobile fighter can also change into a high-performance mode powered by the emotional energy of its pilot Domon Kasshu. In Hyper Mode, the God Gundam's chest opens to reveal an energy multiplier, the wing-like field emitters on its back unfold, its overall performance is increased by 30%, and it can perform a devastating Bakunetsu God Finger attack.