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RPM 80585 Axle Carriers/Oversized Bearings Blue Revo - RUI YONG HOBBY

RPM 80585 Axle Carriers/Oversized Bearings Blue Revo


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 This is a set of optional RPM Axle Carriers/Steering Blocks           
                      for the Traxxas Revo.                                    
         These will also work on the T/E Maxx 2.5R and 3.3 versions.           
FEATURES: Constructed of molded composite material, blue in color              
          Wall thickness around the pillow-balls has been increased by 40%     
            eliminating split walls                                            
          Over 20% more material supports the pillow-balls, preventing them    
            from pulling through                                               
          Redesigned reinforcing rib supporting tie rod mount                  
          Redesigned boot lock tabs for easier removal of the silicone boots   
          Press-fit bearings in the carrier for reduced axle movement          
          Two-piece pillow-ball set screws use aluminum and Delrin for the     
            ultimate in holding power under extreme situations                 
INCLUDES: Two Axle Carriers/Steering Blocks                                    
          Two 12x21x5mm Inner Bearings                                         
          Two 6x15x5mm Outer Bearings                                          
          Four Aluminum Set Screws                                             
          Four Delrin Bushing Caps                                             
          Instruction Sheet