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【Topic 1】 I'm new to this hobby, how to choose my first Rc car?

 If you are watching this topic, so I am assuming that you are just about to jump into this roadYou may pop out a million questions, but first will be which car should I get? Nitro or electronic? Kit or ready to run?

We will go through everything that we know to help get more ideas, keep reading.

A kit or ready to run?

First, we need to know what's the difference between a kit and RTR(ready to run). the answer is literal. With RTR you don't need to assemble them or maybe at least 80% done for you(sometimes we call it almost ready). But with a kityou will need to start from scratch and require additional parts.

Pros and cons:

Kit: You can learn and enjoy the fun of building the car and get to know what is the car made of, you can also install performance parts as you wish. Another side is the time you will spend, the skill you will need, you also need to know the appropriate parts if you want to add better parts.

RTR: insert the battery and fly, no assembly needed, no knowledge required. There is nothing perfect, to RC car. If you don't roll up sleeves, you may rarely learn the component of the car and how to fix or install parts. 


Kit: kits itself can be pricey, still, some companies like Tamiya owns beginner kits below $300. Remember, you need to grab extra required parts to be able to run the car such as a battery, motor, ESC, etc.

RTR: Price range from $200 to crazy, most of RTR you just need a battery and a charger for the first started


how to choose rc car


Nitro or electronic?

In the first section, we have learned a little bit about the carso let's get into more. There are three different types of power systems. They are Gas, nitro, electronic.

First thing first, what's the difference between those three types of power systems? Well, the electronic system is easy, they are using a battery to provide electric power to the motor. Another hand, both gas and nitro are operating by an engine just like a real car.

 how to choose rc car

As you can see from the chart, each power system got different advantages and disadvantages, if you are living in a quiet neighborhood, you may want an electronic car, but the sounds and smoke are your things, then nitro or gas car is the right one for you.


No matter which one you will go with, remember to keep searching and learning before you purchase, choose wisely not emotionally.

If you have any additional tips, just comment below.

If you have a hard time to decide the right one for you, contact us (support@ruiyonghobby.com). We will be your Rc consultant just for $10 within an hour.




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