1. We ship to 48 states .

2. Merchandise will be shipped through USPS.

3. The orders placed before 12pm ET will be processed on the same day, otherwise will be processed the next day. 

4. we can not ship fuel, cleaning fluids, or any contents that are under pressure.

5. Flat Rate Shipping applies to smaller and lighter shipping requirements. All eligible items, including parts, tires, tools, accessories and more. There are no minimum order values to meet so you can order as often as you want, as many items as you need.

6. shipping rate:

light weight
0.0 lb - 1.0 lb $2.00
Small Shipping
1.1 lb - 3.0 lb $4.00
3.1 lb - 10.0 lb $8.00
10.0 lb more    $15.00