1062-00 Road Rage II 2.2 Truck (2) - RUI YONG HOBBY

1062-00 Road Rage II 2.2 Truck (2)

  • $ 20.00

This is a Pair of Road Rage II Truck Tires from Proline.

FEATURES: Road Rage II tread (This is a treaded road tire. Compared to the
Proline Road Hawg, the pattern is symmetrical and is a little
fatter... more tire pattern in contact with the road.)
Ideal for asphalt or concrete surfaces
Fits standard 2.2" truck wheels

INCLUDES: Two Road Rage II 2.2" Truck Tires
Two white foam inserts
One Proline decal

SPECS: Inner diameter: 2.2"
Outer diameter: 3.6"
Width: 2.3"