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15391 JR Stabilizer Head Set - 11mm, 15mm - RUI YONG HOBBY

15391 JR Stabilizer Head Set - 11mm, 15mm


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  • Can be used with 13-19mm diameter rollers. Using 11mm and 15mm stabilizer heads (Natural color) can reduce your machine�s degree of incline, which improvescornering stability.
  • With these stabilizer heads, you are able to customize your machine to better match the course layout.
  • Stabilizer heads are made from a lightweight, low-friction, and wear-resistant plastic (POM).
  • Can be used with any two-way screw shaft and regular kit included rollers.
  • To prevent the head from rotating, ball stabilizer caps (natural color) and teethed washers are included.
  • Securing of the stabilizer head is easily done by tightening the double screw shaft, toothed washer, and hex nuts.
  • Can be used with Mini 4WD cars and Mini 4WD PRO cars.