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15479 JR Body Set Buck Blader - Clear Polycarbonate - RUI YONG HOBBY

15479 JR Body Set Buck Blader - Clear Polycarbonate


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This is a polycarbonate body of the Buck Blader. It was originally available in PVC material when it was released under the 15217 item number.

  • The cartoonish form of the Buck Blader is reproduced in lightweight yet tough, clear polycarbonate. Use it for a lighter, speedier machine!
  • Wing and catch mounts are molded in durable Black ABS.
  • Clear stickers were designed specifically for use with the clear body. They feature a clear background. Car number stickers are also included.
  • Screws for attachment included.
  • Compatible with AR chassis cars.
  • With slight modifications to body hooks, can be used with chassis such as Super-1, Super-II, Super TZ and Super TZ-X.