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Bandai165660 1/144 #119 Nobell Gundam HG - RUI YONG HOBBY

Bandai165660 1/144 #119 Nobell Gundam HG


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Bandai165660 1/144 #119 Nobell Gundam HG
The GF13-050NSW Nobel Gundam (aka Noble Gundam in the English dub) is a Mobile Fighter for the nation of Neo Sweden built for the 13th Gundam Fight. It is featured in the anime Mobile Fighter G Gundam and is piloted by Allenby Beardsley.
Technology & Combat Characteristics
Neo Sweden's entry in the 13th Gundam Fight was the Nobel Gundam. It had superior abilities, and it's unique beam ribbon provided considerably more reach than standard beam sabers. A unique feature is the Berserker System, which amplifies the pilot's abilities greatly, but reduces thought to the one objective: defeating the opponent no matter what. This system requires a transmission device outside of the arena to be activated, so the pilot has no control over it. The bows on the chest and back of the suit are actually ducts and thrusters respectively. The "hair" is actually a set of cooling fins. Another interesting note is that the hair is spread out in Berserker Mode, giving the Nobel Gundam a slightly wilder appearance as opposed to the ladylike appearance in its Normal Mode.