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BANDAI 186417 1/144 #05 Beargguy III (Beargguy-san) Gundam HG - RUI YONG HOBBY

BANDAI 186417 1/144 #05 Beargguy III (Beargguy-san) Gundam HG


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The KUMA-03 Beargguy III is a custom Gunpla appearing in Gundam Build Fighters. It was built and piloted by China Kousaka.
Technology & Combat Characteristics
China's customized Gunpla, it is a modified KUMA-02 Beargguy II. Since China is in the art club, her painting skill is high, giving it an elegant and cute look. The Beargguy III is armed with 3 beam cannons, 2 in its extendable arms and 1 in its mouth. The beam cannons in the arms are capable of generating beam sabers. The suit has a hard point connector on its back, which is normally mounted with the custom ribbon striker. One of Beargguy III's interesting features is that it has a LCD monitor installed in its face that allows it to change its eye expression mid-battle. Also, due to its unique setting of "a stuffed toy becoming a robot", China, having a much different perspective about Gunpla, actually filled the Gunpla with cotton, resulting in unexpected outcomes during its battle with SD Knight Gundam. These unexpected outcomes would in turn motivate Sei to think out of the box when building the GAT-X105B/ST Star Build Strike Gundam.