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BANDAI 195962 Gundam G-Lucifer HG #11 - RUI YONG HOBBY

BANDAI 195962 Gundam G-Lucifer HG #11


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The VGMM-Gf10 Gundam G-Lucifer is a mobile suit featured in the Gundam Reconguista in G anime.

The Gundam G-Lucifer is a G-type mobile suit developed by the G-IT Laboratory [1] that is still in the testing phase, thus two extra seats are added in the cockpit for checking and operating.[2] Other than the streamlined body, it has a monoeye as its main sensor which gives it a distinct appearance from other G-type mobile suit such as G-Self and G-Arcane in the Earth Sphere. Similar to how Gaeon is specialized to utilize the Big Arm, G-Lucifer is designed specifically to utilize its Skirt Funnels, this embodies the G-IT Laboratory's philosophy of using mobile suit as the main body of special weapons.

Its basic design is highly refined. Not only does it possess main thrusters that have high output and durability, but also Minovsky Flight Units built in its feet that increase maneuverability. It is constructed with Photon Armor, and is equipped with high quality radar. It is a mobile suit with potential that is worthy of the name Lucifer (the morning star, Venus).