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29150 Tx/Rx Charger - RUI YONG HOBBY

29150 Tx/Rx Charger


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This is the Associated Transmitter and Receiver Battery Wall Charger.     
              This charger is included with the XP2 and XP3.                   
FEATURES: 120V AC overnight battery charger                                    
          Charges transmitter and receiver packs simultaneously or separately  
          Two Red lights to indicate charge. One for the transmitter, one for  
            the receiver battery.                                              
INCLUDES: One Charger with Leads for Receiver Battery and Transmitter Battery. 
SPECS:    Input:  120V AC 60Hz (US Standard AC)                                
          Output- Transmitter: 9.6V DC, 110mA                                  
                  Receiver:    4.8V DC, 110mA