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35042 U.S. M3 Stuart Light Tank Kit - CA142 - RUI YONG HOBBY

35042 U.S. M3 Stuart Light Tank Kit - CA142


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The M3 light tank was developed by the U.S. to replace its increasingly-obsolete M2 predecessor, and would see service in the hands of British and Canadian forces as well as the U.S. Army. The British, in fact, were first to use the M3 Stuart in anger, throwing it into conflict with German forces in North Africa; it was British services which gave the additional "Stuart" to the M3 name, taken from the eponymous former U.S. General. Firepower on the tank was provided by a 37mm main gun and (in earlier variants) sponson-based machine guns. Around 25,000 M3 Stuarts of all variants were manufactured in the production run from 1941-1944.