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TRAXXAS 5270R EZ Start 2 Starting System - RUI YONG HOBBY

TRAXXAS 5270R EZ Start 2 Starting System


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This is the EZ Start 2(R) Starting System from Traxxas.             
  This is the updated replacement for the first-generation EZ Start 2 System.  
   It features a higher torque motor for the new 3.3 race series engines.      
FEATURES: Simple push-button starting for glow plug and starter motor.         
          LED status for both glow plug and starter motor                      
          All-in-one Hand-held starter/battery holder                          
          Hand-held starter features easy plug-in connection                   
          Hand-held starter features an integrated belt-clip for portability   
INCLUDES: One Hand-held starter/battery holder                                 
          One wire harness with plug-in connector                              
          One gear reduction unit with attached starter motor                  
          Three 3x12mm button-head screws featuring a hex-drive                
REQUIRES: 7.2 volt 6-cell battery with Tamiya connector, can use DTXC2010      
SPECS:    Starter Motor Size: 380 size High Torque motor                       
          Hand-held starter length: 6.375" (162mm)                             
          Hand-held starter width:      2" (51mm)