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7039 '97 Corvette Body w/Decals - RUI YONG HOBBY

7039 '97 Corvette Body w/Decals


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This is a 1/10 scale 1997 Corvette Body Set for Any Narrow Wheelbased Car.   
It will fit on numerous cars such as the Associated RC10LSS, Tamiya 4wd Sedan  
and 200mm Sedans Cars.  The Body is a 1997 Corvette style.                     
INCLUDES: One Clear Lexan Body                                                 
          One Side Mirrors made of Lexan                                       
          One Rear Wing made of Lexan                                          
          Four Drive Washers for Wheels (hexagonal shaped)                     
          One Decal Sheet (with HPI, and Uno sponsors)                         
          One Instruction Sheet                                                
REQUIRES: Lexan Scissors, Masking Tape and Paint.                              
SPECS:    Length:   16 1/4"                                                    
          Width:         8"                                                    
          Height:  4-15/16"                                                    
          Wheelbase: 8-1/2"