7421 Chassis Conversion Kit Low CG Slash 4x4 - RUI YONG HOBBY

7421 Chassis Conversion Kit Low CG Slash 4x4

  • $ 50.00

This is the optional Low CG Chassis Conversion Kit for the           
                        Traxxas 1/10 scale Slash 4x4.                          
FEATURES: 1" (25.4mm) lower than stock chassis                                 
          Holds battery and electronics as deep in the chassis as possible to  
            to enhance handling and increase cornering speed                   
          Plastic chassis is reinforced by integrated ribs to prevent flex     
            under load                                                         
          Smooth underside to reduce drag and prevent snags                    
          Integrated personal transponder mount                                
          Complete kit, no extra parts needed                                  
INCLUDES: Chassis                                                              
          Two Nerf Bars                                                        
          Front and Rear Bulkheads                                             
          Motor Mount and Plate                                                
          Battery Hold Down                                                    
          Front and Rear Hold-down Retainers                                   
          Servo Horn                                                           
          Steering Linkage                                                     
          Waterproof Receiver Box with O-Ring Seal                             
          Gear Cover                                                           
          Wire Retainer                                                        
          Complete Hardware Set