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7466 Toyota MR-S GT Body 200mm - RUI YONG HOBBY

7466 Toyota MR-S GT Body 200mm


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This is a 1/10 Toyota MR-S GT, 200mm wide Body for Radio Controlled Cars.    
            This is the thin, clear plastic piece that covers the              
              car's chassis and provides the "shape" of the car.               
FEATURES: Clear spoiler, and mounting hardware are included.                   
          Highly detailed body and cutting lines.                              
          Body has a clear protective overspray film on the outside that is    
            to be removed after painting.                                      
          Self-adhesive flexible decals of Toyota MR-S GT, #31, Apex, WOOW     
            Circuit, Super AutoBacs, window trim, head and tail lights.        
INCLUDES: One clear body.                                                      
          One clear two-piece spoiler.                                         
          One HPI decal sheet.                                                 
          One window masking sheet.                                            
          One HPI instructions/sales flier.                                    
          Two 3x12mm phillips button head screws (to mount spoiler onto body). 
          Two 3mm hex nuts.                                                    
REQUIRES: Polycarbonate paint for painting the inside of the body.  The color  
            choice is up to the modeler.                                       
          Body scissors to cut out the body and spoiler parts.                 
          Hobby knife or scissors to cut out the decals.                       
SPECS:    Length:     17.75" (451mm)                                           
          Width:       8.00" (200mm) (at center)                               
          Height:      5.75" (146mm) (un-cut)                                  
          Wheelbase:     10" (254mm)                                           
          Thickness:    .030 (before body is pulled)                           
COMMENTS: ROAR and NORRCA approved bodies: Bodies marked with a "1" after the  
            molded-in number are ROAR approved bodies.  Bodies marked with a   
            "2" after the molded-in number are NORRCA approved bodies.         
            This body is a number "1".