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7487 Porsche Carrera GT Body 200mm - RUI YONG HOBBY

7487 Porsche Carrera GT Body 200mm


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This is the HPI 200mm Porsche Carrera GT Clear Body.               
FEATURES: High quality, crystal clear Lexan Body                               
          Vacuum-formed from light weight .040 Lexan to the highest            
            industry standards                                                 
          Removable protective film on outside of body                         
          Realistic 3 dimensional light buckets                                
          Clearly marked trim lines and body characteristics                   
          Separate add-on wing with mounting hardware                          
          Pre-cut head and tail light, body and window trim vinyl decals       
          Includes pre-cut window masking material                             
          Detailed "How To" instructions included                              
INCLUDES: One 200mm Porsche Carrera GT Clear Body                              
          One Wing with Mounting Hardware                                      
          One Window Masking Sheet                                             
          One Decal Sheet                                                      
          One Decal Placement Sheet                                            
REQUIRES: Body Scissors (DTXR1150)                                             
          Body Reamer  (DTXR1158)                                              
SPECS:    Length: 17.5" (444mm)                                                
          Width:   8"   (203mm)                                                
          Height:  3.5"  (89mm)                                                
            Rear Wing:                                                         
          Width:   7"    (178mm)                                               
          Height:   7/8"  (22mm)