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Clutch Shoe Tool - RUI YONG HOBBY

Clutch Shoe Tool


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 Simplify clutch shoe removal and installation with this ingenious        
                    Clutch Shoe Tool from DuraTrax.                            
FEATURES: Composite nylon and metal construction, Black in color               
          A flange lifts the spring up and out of the way with a simple turn;  
           a lever hooks onto the clutch, allowing modelers to pull the shoe   
           straight out.                                                       
          By rotating the lever 90° the hook is replaced with a bar that pushes
           the shoe straight in for quick installation                         
          Works with the HPI Savage clutch and other aftermarket 2, 3 and 4    
           shoe clutches                                                       
INCLUDES: One Clutch Shoe Tool                                                 
          One instruction sheet                                                
REQUIRES: This tool requires nothing else to work                              
SPECS:    Length: 4.75" (123mm)