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ElectriFly Male Univ Conn Charge Adapter - RUI YONG HOBBY

ElectriFly Male Univ Conn Charge Adapter


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This is a Male Universal Connector Charge Adapter.                
 One end has male terminals with a female plastic shell (female Futaba J type),
 the other has female terminals with male plastic shell (male 2-pin BEC).      
   This adapter goes between the ElectriFly Peak Charger and the               
                     receiver pack that needs charging.                        
FEATURES: Red plastic 2-pin connector is a (male) BEC type that plugs into the 
            ElectriFly Peak Charger connector.                                 
          Black plastic connector is a (female) Futaba J type that also accepts
            Hitec, JR and Airtronics Z receiver battery connectors.            
            Some transmitter batteries with this same type of connector        
            may be removed from the transmitter and charged the same way.      
          One Black(-) and one White(+) wire are both 24 gauge                 
          One year quality guarantee                                           
INCLUDES: One Male Universal Connector Charge Adapter                          
REQUIRES: Plugging into proper connectors.                                     
SPECS:    Length: 3" (75mm) (overall tip to tip)                               
COMMENTS: For the female Universal connector charge adapter, use GPMM3104.