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HCAR 3410  Master Mask 3 oz - RUI YONG HOBBY

HCAR 3410 Master Mask 3 oz


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MasterMask is Ideal for Creating Attractive and Unique Trim Schemes Without  
Masking Tape.  Designed for use on R/C Cars, Boats and Planes as Well as Model 
                         Trains and Plastic Models.                            
FEATURES: Latex-Based Masking Film for Masking Letters, Lines, Curves,         
            etc. or Any Finish or Surface                                      
          Can be Brushed or Sprayed On and Will Dry to a Rubbery Consistency   
            that is Much Easier To Use and More Precise Than Masking Tape,     
          Thick Consistency Requires Only One Coat Coverage for Less Waste.    
          Dries in 1-2 hours                                                   
          Leaves Sharp, Clean Lines and is Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable.        
          Comes in a Convenient 3 oz Bottle with a Wide Mouth for Easy Access.