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INTEGY C27983 BLUE Metal Transmission Output Gear 51T INTEGY

INTEGY C27983 BLUE Metal Transmission Output Gear 51T


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Make your drivetrain stronger on your Traxxas X-Maxx by installing our Alloy Machined Output Gear. Our output gear replaces your stock plastic gear with a thick, strong metal gear to handle the power. The output gear is available in a 51-tooth size, and is available in 7 colors. (The output gear replaces Traxxas OEM part #7784).

NOTE: If you do not know how to assemble or install this product, please ask your local dealer for assistance. All products require some prep out of the package - some components are assembled for packaging purposes only, so we strongly recommend that you check all metal-to-metal fasteners for tightness, check fitment and adjust if needed, and use liquid threadlock where applicable. Failure to do so is not a warranty-related incident.

Extra hardware, shims, or spacers may be required for some installations. Some parts may require permanent modification to the vehicle for fitment, and may eliminate certain OEM features. Items that are different from the OEM part (such as our snow & sand conversions, piggyback shocks, EXT suspension, or extended wheel hubs) may require modification to the vehicle for proper clearance. Some Integy-branded items may be only compatible with the vehicle's OEM parts but not with another Integy-branded item due to design limitations. For multiple-fitment items, some parts may not be used based on application.