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Kwik Trak Racing Cone (6) - RUI YONG HOBBY

Kwik Trak Racing Cone (6)


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 This is a Set of Kwik Trak 6.5" Race Track Cones.                
FEATURES: These durable cones turn any driveway, parking lot or dirt area      
            into an radio control race track.                                  
          For use with vehicles of any scale.                                  
          6.5" height is ideal for maximum visibility, without taking up too   
            much room or obscuring the racer's view of his vehicle.            
          One hole on each corner of the square flat base for securing to the  
          Made of hard orange plastic (resemble small road construction pylons)
          These cones are also ideal for other sporting activities such as     
            soccer, football and more.                                         
INCLUDES: Six Kwik Trak 6.5" Race Course Cones                                 
REQUIRES: Placement in desired track layout configuration.                     
          If desired, securing to the ground with nails or spikes.