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Long ProGlo w/Meter & Charger - RUI YONG HOBBY

Long ProGlo w/Meter & Charger


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 This is a Long PROGLO Starter w/Charger.                         
        This is used to heat Glow Plugs that require a long Glow Starter.      
FEATURES: This is a Blue Metal, spring loaded ProGlo Glow Plug.                
          A threaded cap lets you remove and replace the battery.              
          Threaded cap has a meter built into the cap.                         
          Has a convenient charger that will charge your typical 1200mAh       
          Sub-C cell in about 12-14 hours.                                     
          Sub-C battery is not included.                                       
INCLUDES: One Long PROGLO Starter with meter                                   
          One Charger                                                          
SPECS:    Shaft length: 2-3/4"                                                 
          Charger output: 120mA at 1.25V                                       
          Charger Input Voltage: 110V AC (US Standard)                         
REQUIRES: One Sub-C cell, PCNP0255