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Proto-Z Micro Quadcopter RTF - RUI YONG HOBBY

Proto-Z Micro Quadcopter RTF


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This is the Electric Powered, Radio Controlled,                 
              Ready to Fly Proto-Z Micro Quadcopter from Estes.                
                              For Indoor Use.                                  
FEATURES: Moves up and down, forward and reverse and flips with a touch of     
            the auto-flip button on the transmitter                            
          Transmitter allows control in normal flight mode or True Direction   
            mode whichever is easiest for pilot                                
          True Direction moves the Proto-Z in the same direction as the control
            sticks and is recommended for first time fliers                    
          Four LEDs for easy orientation day or night                          
          Built-in 110mAh LiPo flight battery that charges through USB port    
          Flies up to five minutes on a fully charged pack                     
INCLUDES: RTF Proto-Z Micro Quadcopter with LiPo Battery, USB Charge Cord,     
            Extra Set of Blades and Instructions                               
REQUIRES: AAA Batteries: Two for transmitter                                   
SPECS:    Diagonal Measurement: 3.9" (100mm)                                   
          Weight: 17 g (0.59 oz)