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RC Body Set BMW M3 GT2 2009 - Lightweight - RUI YONG HOBBY

RC Body Set BMW M3 GT2 2009 - Lightweight


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This is a complete body parts set of the BMW M3 GT2 from the 2009 racing season, which is made from .7mm thick polycarbonate material, which is lighter than the 1.0mm thick material used for item 51396      RC Body Set BMW M3 GT2 2009.

The advantage to using a lighter body is for pure racing performance. A lighter body mounted onto a Tamiya touring car racing machine results in less top weight of the overall racing car package. By having less top weight your racing car will respond, from left to right, quicker from your steering input. The car will also exhibit less chassis roll, which is ideal for track conditions that have medium to high traction.

Note: Lightweight body sets are designed for pure racing performance. Since the polycarbonate is thinner (.7mm compared to standard 1.0mm), it is more prone to damage from high impact crashes.