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REDCAT 03028 Micro Fail Safe - RUI YONG HOBBY

REDCAT 03028 Micro Fail Safe


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This is REDCAT 03028

Micro Fail Safe WARNING: When using the Redcat Racing 2.4Ghz Radio (RCR-2CNR) an external Fail Safe is NOT to be used. Combination of the internal Fail Safe of the radio with an external Fail Safe will result in neither of the Fail Safes working properly! Set up instructions:

  • 1. Remove throttle servo plug from receiver.
  • 2. Plug male Fail Safe plug into receiver where servo was plugged into, plug servo plug into female plug of Fail Safe.
  • 3. Do not start car, turn transmitter and car power on, apply full braking on transmitter, press and hold set button on Fail Safe for 5 seconds.
  • 4. Test the Fail Safe by turning transmitter off and leaving car power on, if Fail Safe is set up properly, brakes will be applied fully when transmitter power is turned off