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TRAXXAS 2074 Servo Case/Gaskets E-Maxx - RUI YONG HOBBY

TRAXXAS 2074 Servo Case/Gaskets E-Maxx


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 This is the replacement Servo Case and Gasket Set for the Traxxas       
                2056 - TRAM2026 and 2075 (we don't stock) Servos               
FEATURES: Three piece plastic case molded in blue and black color              
          Replaces worn or damaged servo cases and gaskets                     
INCLUDES: One Upper Case (blue plastic)                                        
          One Middle Case (blue plastic)                                       
          One Lower Case (black plastic)                                       
          One Upper Case Gasket                                                
          One Lower Case Gasket                                                
          One Output Shaft O-Ring                                              
          Four Case Screw O-Rings