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TRAXXAS 3769 Spring Pre-Load Spacers - RUI YONG HOBBY

TRAXXAS 3769 Spring Pre-Load Spacers


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This is the Traxxas replacement #3769 Spring Pre-Load Spacers             
that comes with the Stampede and Rustler trucks along with the                 
Black Long Shocks (TRAC9160) and Black XX-Long shocks (TRAC9162).              
FEATURES:  Made of a black plastic/nylon material.                             
           Used to help pre-load the shock springs.                            
           This is installed on the top of the shock springs.                  
           Enough for 1 pair of shocks.                                        
INCLUDES:  2  spacers       1mm thick                                          
           2   ""           2mm  ""                                            
           2   ""           3mm  ""                                            
           2   ""           4mm  ""