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TRAXXAS 4948 Fuel Tank T-Maxx - RUI YONG HOBBY

TRAXXAS 4948 Fuel Tank T-Maxx


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This is the updated stock replacement fuel tank for the Traxxas T-Maxx     
        The fuel tank holds the fuel and screws directly to the chassis        
         This tank has been updated and NO LONGER has a PRIMER BUTTON          
FEATURES: Clear, nylon construction                                            
          Black fuel tank cap (spring loaded)                                  
INCLUDES: One fuel tank                                                        
          One Pre-installed lid with spring                                    
          One Pre-installed pressure tap                                       
REQUIRES: Assembly on to Traxxas T-Maxx                                        
SPECS:    Length: 68.4mm (2.70")                                               
          Width: 62.3mm (2.46")                                                
          Capacity: 125cc                                                      
          Height (including chassis mounts, to top of lid): 84mm (3.30")       
          Center to Center Distance between mounting holes: 43.3mm/38.2mm