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TRAXXAS 5245 Pipe Coupler(Blue)/Exh Deflector/Ties Revo - RUI YONG HOBBY

TRAXXAS 5245 Pipe Coupler(Blue)/Exh Deflector/Ties Revo


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This is the Tune Pipe Coupler and Exhaust Deflector set for the Traxxas Revo. 
   It allows for a connection between the Exhaust Header and the Tune Pipe.    
FEATURES: Silicone construction                                                
          Blue in color                                                        
INCLUDES: One Tune Pipe Coupler                                                
          One Exhaust Deflector (for use on the tune pipe)                     
          One short Tie-Strap                                                  
          Two long Tie-Straps                                                  
REQUIRES: Assembly to vehicle                                                  
SPECS:    Coupler Length:                  24mm (.95")                         
          Coupler Inner Diameter, Large:   14mm (.55")                         
          Coupler Inner Diameter, Small:   13mm (.51")                         
          Coupler Outer Diameter, Large:   25mm (.98")                         
          Coupler Outer Diameter, Small:   22mm (.87")                         
          Deflector Length:                61mm (2.4")                         
          Deflector Inner Diameter, Small:  8mm (.32")                         
          Deflector Inner Diameter, Large: 10mm (.40")                         
          Deflector Outer Diameter, Small: 11mm (.44")                         
          Deflector Outer Diameter, Large: 14mm (.55")