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TRAXXAS 5252 Carburetor Complete TRX 2.5 - RUI YONG HOBBY

TRAXXAS 5252 Carburetor Complete TRX 2.5


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This is the Stock Replacement Complete Carburetor for the Traxxas 2.5cc Engine.
FEATURES: Complete assembled carburetor                                        
          Slide valve design                                                   
          High and low speed needle valves                                     
INCLUDES: One carburetor                                                       
          One carb retaining bolt                                              
          One 3mm nylon insert lock nut                                        
REQUIRES: The remainder of the Traxxas 2.5cc engine.                           
SPECS:    Length with slide at idle: 40mm (1.57")                              
          Width of body: 16mm (0.64")                                          
          Height (without air filter - not included): 35mm (1.38")             
          Carb neck diameter: 13mm (0.51")