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DIDE 10GG Verso Inversion QuadCopter UAV RTF(green color) - RUI YONG HOBBY

DIDE 10GG Verso Inversion QuadCopter UAV RTF(green color)


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 This is the Electric Powered, 2.4GHz Radio Controlled,             
                    Ready to Fly Verso Drone from Dromida.                     
FEATURES: Reversing motors allow inverted take-offs, flights and landings      
          Switches between inverted and regular flight with a push of the      
            Invert/Flip button on the transmitter                              
          When inverted, flight assistance technology eliminates confusing     
            control reversal                                                   
          Three selectable flight modes for beginner to experienced pilots     
          LED lights aid in orientation and low light conditions               
          Dromida Q205 transmitter with joystick and gamer-style stick ends    
          1S 350mAh LiPo battery                                               
          USB charger                                                          
          Ninety day limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date 
            of purchase                                                        
INCLUDES: Verso Drone with Radio, 1S LiPo Battery, USB Charger, extra set of   
            Blades, Blade Removal Tool, four AA Batteries and Instructions     
SPECS:    Diagonal Dimension: 4.33" (110mm)                                    
          Weight: 1.2oz (34g)                                                  
COMMENTS: Available in the following body colors;                              
            Blue, DIDE10BB            Red, DIDE10RR                            
            Green, DIDE10GG           Yellow, DIDE10YY